Dinner Menu


Cheese Garlic Bread  10.00
Breads & Dips  12.50
Salt and pepper Calamari  16.50
Rocket Salad,Lemon,Wasabi Mayo,Crispy shallots                       
Homemade Falafel  16.50(GF,DF)
Hummus,Lemon,mixed Leaf Salad,Remesco                                       
Cheesy Wedges 14.00
Bacon, cheese , sour cream and sweet chilli                                                          
Sliders 15.00
Chicken,jap mayo, rocket
Seafood Chowder 17.50
Spring onion oil, toasted bread
King Size Prawn 19.50
Rocket Salad, spring onion , chilli oil, spring onion oil

Board to Share

Mixed Platters for two 45.00
crumbled chicken, fish bites, prawns twisters, calamari , falafel, garlic bread, salad , 3 sauces

Light Meals

Fish & Chips 22.00
mixed leave salad ,fries, lemon , tartare sauce

With choice of Battered or Crumbed or Pan fried

Beef or Chicken or Pulled Pork Burger 21.00
Mixed slaw, tomato, pickle ,Aioli ,onion,Fries


Roasted chicken breast 30.00
Potato gnocchi, spinach, tomato, mushroom sauce or ju
BBQ Pork Ribs
 Half  rack  19.00
 Full  rack  29.00
Creamy slaw , Rack of Ribs, Wedges. Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli   



Creamy Mushroom Risotto 25.00
Rocket ,parmesan, wilted spinach
Aged Sirloin Steak 30.50
Potato mash,Wilted Spinach ,Onion ring , Steamed vegetables with Jus
Market Fish  30.00
 Dijon Mustard lemon crumbled, Potato salad, peas puree
Slow cooked Lamb Shank 29.90
Potato mash ,roasted vegetables ,Crispy Pasnip
Sides 6.50
Bowl of Fries served with homemade aioli Sauce

Truffle oil Potato Mash

Roast & Steam Vegetables

Garden Salad

Potato  wedges

Butter Spinach

(Gluten Free , Dairy   Free, Vegetarian meal can be made upon request. Please inform us if you have any dietary requirements)